EP Review: JĀ3 – ‘VENT’


Emerging from the gloomy depths of lockdown is ‘VENT’, the mesmerising debut EP from North London UK Hip Hop artist JĀ3.

When you’re making your first impression, it’s got to be a big one. Something memorable that isn’t going to fade into the background of this extremely oversaturated market. And ‘VENT’ is exactly that. It’s big, it’s bold, and most importantly it’s thought provoking.

The powerful debut EP explores the themes of codependency, addiction and mental health. JĀ3 describes the creative process of his EP as a sort of domino effect. It was one of these unplanned things that just came together naturally after he wrote “Alas”, which ended up being the third track on the project. It turns out letting the music come naturally brings out the best in JĀ3, you can hear how confident he feels on the tracks and it makes the EP an even more engrossing listen.

What makes this debut even more impressive is that it was written, produced and recorded by JĀ3 in his home studio. Having that total control over his debut has meant JĀ3 could fully flex his creative muscles and announce his entrance to the scene in the most authentic way possible.

Despite being a fresh face on the UK hip-hop scene, JĀ3 has already got a taste of the music industry in a big way under the moniker Zodiac. He’s appeared on The Voice and performed for his fair share of celebs. This industry experience really does come through with how slick the EP is and it’ll stand JĀ3 in good stead to take on the industry on his new path.

JĀ3 has bags of raw talent and he showcases it all on this slick debut EP. ‘VENT’ is a thrilling listen start to finish and solidifies JĀ3 as one to watch this year – don’t sleep on this super talented musician!