Album Review: ‘Unsigned & Unspoilt Vol 1’ – Crazy James

Crazy James

Despite the popularity of albums slowing declining over the years due to the single driven nature of streaming services, there are many fans and artists that still value full length albums and the amount of that goes into perfectly constructing them.

And there’s no album that takes more work or is more valuable than an artist’s debut. That’s why Luton Town native Crazy James took a whole 20 years to release ‘Unsigned & Unspoilt’ – the culmination of all of his work to date.

Although two whole decades might seem like a ridiculously long time before releasing a debut, Crazy James maintains that it was both the successes and failures he experienced during that time that have made this album possible. 20 years of pain, love, tears, fear, successes, set backs and accomplishments all in one project. One project with three volumes – but you can’t blame James for having that much content building up over all of those years!

Produced by rising grime producer Trooh Hippi, Crazy James makes music driven by raw emotion. He mixes both grime and trap sound with unflinchingly real lyricism that tackles politics, racism, mental health and the trappings of day to day life.

Speaking on the album, CJ told us “With many songs recorded it was difficult picking the final 12 for the album,”

“But this project is going to be spread across three volumes. The premise of the title is a reflection to musicians who adapt their sound to please labels and follow trends.

“To be Unsigned is to be Unspoilt, untouched by the influence of social media and the demand for generic music.

“It’s having the freedom of expression and creative control without judgement and boundaries.

“This album is reminiscent to the classics as you will not want to skip a single track, it’s a journey from start to finish and by the end of it you will be craving for more.”

‘Unsigned & Unspoilt Volume 1’ drops 6th August 2021 – we can’t wait for you to hear it and taken in the raw talent of the exciting enigma that is Crazy James. Follow him on socials for more updates here.