Single Review: “Sneak Dis” – 30BABY


 Hailing from the gritty streets of Arcadia, Florida, 30BABY makes his solo debut with “Sneak Dis”.

Despite still being a fresh face on the scene, 30BABY has already put work in the rap game, boasting thousands of streams on Soundcloud as a part of his collective Chasin’ The Bag.

However, he’s stepped up behind the mic as an individual for this one and it really puts the spotlight on the quality of his slick flow. 30BABY has no doubt proved that he’s more than capable as a solo artist on “Sneak Dis”.

Addressing people slyly disrespecting him and his collective online, 30 has turned what could have been a really aggressive track into this endlessly repayable melodic banger that has an almost laid back feel. 30 delivers his bars effortlessly, confident in the knowledge that he’ll call out all of these fakes online when he next pulls up on them in person.

If this track is anything to go by then 30BABY has a huge solo career ahead of him. Don’t sleep on him, he’s going to be making waves in the rap game real soon…