Meet Ghost Gun | New Blood

Ghost Gun

Seattle electronic duo Ghost Gun have burst onto the scene in the last year or so, turning heads on a global scale with their explosive sound.

Their new EP SHOOT FIRST, QUESTIONS LATER is a banging three track extravaganza that’s only going to turn more people on to this experimental pair that aren’t afraid to push boundaries.

We caught up with the duo to find out more about the men behind the mirror glass masks…

What first inspired you both to make music?

We’ve always been fascinated by music and sound in general, and we both were introduced to music at a young age. We had each been in bands, whether through school or on our own with friends, so in a way playing music has pretty much always been a part of our lives. Over time, it became a sort of obsession for both of us, always looking to find something fresh and exciting to listen to or play. When we met, it was immediately apparent that our interests and aspirations were closely aligned, so creating together just felt natural. 

How would you describe your sound?

We have such a diverse background of musical influences, and they all come through in our sound in some way. We really try to emphasize music that evokes some kind of imagery and emotional connection, while maintaining a solid groove throughout. In general, we’re rooted in house and techno, but we love pushing boundaries and finding ways to innovate and break the rules! We also have a passion for film scores, so there’s always a cinematic flair to everything we do.   

What inspires you when it comes to actually creating a song?

We usually begin writing in the conceptual realm, with one or both of us outlining a mood, thought, or emotion to chase as we write. Much of our writing process is improvisational, through jamming and experimentation, so there are also elements of serendipity to it. Sometimes we’ll start an idea for a song individually and then bring it to the other to flesh out more fully, while other times we jam out ideas together. 

Who’s your dream collab?

Oh man, that’s another really hard one! 

One of the first vocalists that comes to mind immediately is SZA. Her voice commands such raw power and emotion, while maintaining her effortless swagger. She can make you cry while you shake your booty. If we were to choose a dream producer collab it currently would be Malaa. Not only is he one of the pioneers of G House, his entire persona and aesthetic is beyond dope. He’s easily one of the most intriguing figures in dance music, and pushes boundaries with his sound design with each release.  

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

SHOOT FIRST, QUESTIONS LATER is an anthem for insubordination. Our sophomore EP is a defiant, adrenaline-fueled rallying cry that returns to the roots of G-House while throttling into a more emanate hip-hop presence. This concoction of bewitching synth melodies, snarling bass, and ethereal vocals creates something both gripping and refreshing. Collaboration is something we genuinely value when creating art, as you always arrive at something you never could have on your own. Working with Sablo, Maee, and Kevawn was such a thrill, as each artist realised our vision for their respective tracks in ways we never could have dreamed. There were so many magical moments throughout the creative process that really brought this EP to life. 

Are you excited to get back to live shows?

It feels so good to be back in live shows! We just opened for Black Gummy and Notaker here in Seattle as our first show after the pandemic. It was so exhilarating to be back in front of an audience and to see people enjoying themselves together again. There is something integral to experiencing dance music live, so it’s a brilliant feeling performing and seeing people experience music in that space again.

What else can we expect from Ghost Gun in the rest of 2021?

We still have a lot in store for 2021! We’ve got more shows lined up this summer and upcoming fall, as well as some more music planned to drop before the end of the year. We don’t want to give too much away, but you can expect more visual elements to our music before the year is out!