Single Review: “Hitmonlee / I’ve Forgotten How It Feels” – Slug Christ

Slug christ

Underground hip-hop anti-hero Slug Christ has been insanely busy. The pandemic didn’t slow the Los Angeles-by-way-of Atlanta artist down one bit.

After the release of his most recent collaborative album with Foxwedding on the legendary Eyeball Records and his critically acclaimed hardcover art book “Encyclopaedia Supermundanae”, he has finally returned with the first music video from the upcoming third instalment of his ‘Plant Mentality’ album series.

“Hitmonlee / I’ve Forgotten How it Feels” fuses a mixed bag of hip-hop, trap, dream pop, and indie influence to create a deeply emotive yet melancholy listen. Slug Christ is taking alternative hip-hop to a fresh place with these cuts, leaving behind the over saturated ’emo rap’ vibe that so many are still trying to ride. Slug is well and truly in his own lane.

These tracks are a great pairing to give us a taste of what to expect from Slug’s upcoming ‘Plant Mentality III’ project that’s set to drop later this year/early 2022 via Blackhouse Records Ltd. We can’t wait to hear it!