Single Review: TBK – “We Ain’t Perfect” Prod by JFK

TBK rapper

Fast rising rapper TBK is making conscious rap cool again with his latest single “We Ain’t Perfect”.

The UK rap scene is largely dominated by drill right now. A sound that’s go hard with cold as ice skippy beats and lyric that depict street life in the most violent and gritty way possible. The lyricism is very real, but it’s not exactly conscious in the way that it virtually always promotes violence as the best way to solve your problems. But TBK has stepped in to change that notice.

On “We Ain’t Perfect” TBK uses a cold drill beat as his platform to promote a message of black excellence, pride and resilience in the face of adversity.

TBK raps “I know we ain’t perfect but we ain’t slaves. Go and search it, take your name. Yes you are worth it. Stand and claim. Yes you are worth it. Things can change.” It’s a powerful message and one that encourages people to engage in their ancestry, learn about the great things their relatives achieved even if the mainstream narrative wants to ignore it.

This track is a massive breath of fresh air for the UK scene. TBK has brought meaningful lyricism back into the spotlight using a skippy drill to help spread his message further.

Could conscious drill be the next big wave? If so, TBK will be at the forefront!