Mixtape Review: ‘Broke College Kids’ – Pat For Now

Pat For Now

When you’re at university you’ve constantly got deadlines, you’ve got research to do, beer to drink and new friends to make. So, how in the hell could you find the time to be a fully independent musician at the same time as doing your course?

If you saw Pat For Now walk past you on campus you wouldn’t peg the 21 year old as a self-made rapper… but that’s exactly what he is. The unassuming biology student hailing from New Jersey is an independent producer, singer, songwriter and rapper.

Despite the pressures of studying, Pat used his summer to create and drop a 9 track mixtape called ‘Broke College Kids’. Produced, written, and recorded entirely by Pat and mixed & mastered by multi platinum engineer Vic Cuccia, the tape instantly became a huge hit around Pat’s campus. He’s a big name at his university now but the tape deserved more recognition than just his peers and that’s what it soon got.

The tracks from the tape also featured on over 30 Spotify playlist, taking Pat from a local sensation to a global up and comer on the underground music scene.

‘Broke College Kids’ hits with some old school Mac Miller vibes. The chill beats and lamentation on the ups and downs of American college life makes for an easy, carefree listen. It makes you feel like you’re swaggering through campus, shades on, maybe a little joint in your hand, the sun is out and you’re skipping class for a quick beer with the guys.

Not only does this mixtape spotlight Pat’s stellar production chops, it also showcases his smooth voice. Pat really seems to have it all, a true all round musician that understands music from the point of inception to release.

Pat For Now is an artist bursting with natural musical talent and his ‘Broke College Kids’ tape showcases just how gifted this 21 year old dude is. Keep an eye on Pat in 2021, he’s only going to get bigger from here…