SIngle Review: “CLEAN” -TSN


Born and raised in North West London, TSN is quickly making a name for himself throughout the capital and beyond as an artist to watch in 2021.

TSN’s latest single “Clean” has further solidified his status as an exciting emerging talent. The track doesn’t fit neatly into any genre box, TSN has fused together all of the sounds that influenced him growing up to create a sound that is uniquely his yet still unequivocally British.

A rapper, singer and songwriter, TSN uses all of his talents on “Clean”. Taking the raw and rugged edge from London’s rap scene and fusing it with the melodic passion of R&B, TSN creates a mesmerising sonic soundscape that’s just an utter vibe.

Not only is “Clean” melodically satisfying it’s also lyrically thoughtful. “I make a conscious decision to clean my conscience.” is the hook that charges the entire track. “Clean” touches on the trials and tribulations of navigating relationships and inner-city life. It’s a track that anyone can relate to, the feeling of wanting to be the best person you can be despite facing daily adversity.

TSN is one of the most unique artists making his way up in the capital right now. “Clean” is a track packed with character, it’s a statement making single that asserts TSN as an artist you simply cannot sleep on in 2021.