Maxed & Zak Young – “201” ft. Cygni & Caesar

Zak Young

“201” is the huge new collab track by fast rising British rapper Zak Young, alongside Maxed, Cygni and Caesar.

It takes skill to bring together four artists on a track and not have it feel too crowded or all over the place. Everyone’s got to play their position, show up and show out. And that’s exactly what happens on “201”.

The track builds up with all the drama of a classic UK hip-hop banger and when Zak jumps behind the mic the energy is next level. He keeps it up from start to finish on his verse, going at 100% at all times.

“201” really has everything because all of the four artists turn up and bring something different to the track. None of them is there just to fill a space, they all bring a different dynamic that pushes the song forward. It’s got melody, it’s got bars, it’s got vibes, it’s got energy. The lot!

The hook is one of the biggest highlights of the track though. It’s super catchy and slick. It just glues all of the verses together and really makes “201” an incredibly replayable banger.

Zak Young is shaping up to be one the most talented emerging artists out of the UK. We’re looking forward to see where he goes next…