Single Review: “I.D.C” – Allwinsnoloss


“I.D.C” is the latest single to come from Baltimore native Allwinsnoloss. A wacky, bouncy and off-kilter banger, this one sounds like it’s set to be a TikTok banger as soon as it hits the platform – it’s just got one of those vibes!

Struggling to express himself in a strict household, Allwinsnoloss turned to music as a teenager and hasn’t looked back since.

Supported by his friends in college, Allwinsnoloss honed his craft at Open Mics around his college campus.

Now based in the UK, he collaborates with British artists and has built an impressive following for himself.

Allwinsnoloss released his debut album in 2018, and has followed this up with a steady stream of singles since. He brings his vision to life through his heart-felt words, high-energy, and visual prowess – to us Allwinsnoloss’ whole approach seems like a modern Lil’ Jon. He’s brash, in your face and ready to bring the party.

“I.D.C” is setting up to the be the track that elevates Allwinsnoloss to the next level. The energy levels on this cut are off the charts and the vibe is electric. Don’t sleep on this artist in 2021!