Single Review: “Shaky” – Jay Joe

Jay Joe

Drill is the hottest sound in the UK right now and one of the most dominant sub-genres of rap in the world. It’s fast rise in popularity has meant there’s a new rapper jumping on a drill beat almost every week.

So, to break through that super saturated market you’ve got to be bringing something special when you step up to that drill mantle. And that’s exactly what Jay Joe has done with “Shaky”.

A fresh face on the scene, Jay Joe has absolutely came for everyone’s necks on this one. He’s determined to get himself noticed and you can hear that on “Shaky”. He’s stepped into the booth ready to leave it all on the mic.

Flowing over a skippy beat with finesse, Jay comes with unmatched aggression and pace. He leaves the beat no room to breathe at all, Jay is on 100% from start to finish.

This has got instant drill hit written all over it, expect to see it in all of the UK drill playlists very soon.

“Shaky” is an apt name for this one, because Jay Joe is about to shake up the UK drill scene in a BIG way. You cannot sleep on him.