Single Review: “Feeling Hazy” – Tad

Tad Feeling hazy

We love at good chilled 90s Hip Hop vibe here at RIDE and that’s exactly what “Feeling Hazy” delivers. It’s the latest single to come from the up and coming Suffolk based rapper Tad.

Channeling Loyle Carner vibes with the laidback delivery, Tad allows for his lyricism to take centre stage on this on. Tad even spits a verse in Portuguese to spotlight to his Lisbon origins. This Westy produced track is one of those cuts where you’ve just got to sit back, relax, spark up a spliff, melt into your couch and enjoy. It’s the absolute perfect smoke session track.

“The visuals were captured by our good friend, Gerssis David at a filming studio in London City. It was an incredible day, I could not be more thankful that so many people came from Norfolk and Suffolk to London to be a part of this with me, I truly could not have better friends.” said Tad, who wanted to capture the euphoria of being surrounded by friends and having a good time.

That’s really what this track is all about. Having a good time in your gaff with some pals. Chatting shit, relaxing and really just capturing a mellow vibe.

“Feeling Hazy” is an instant edition to any chill-out or smoke-out playlists you’ve got. Tad knows how to capture that wavy chilled vibe and he does it with ease on this one.