Single Review: “The Quest” – Aeon 61


A fresh face on the underground rap scene, Aeon 61 has dropped another brand new single – “The Quest“.

A tense trap infused track, “The Quest” addresses the intricacies of conflict and how conflict always seems to find Aeon 61 regardless of how much he tries to avoid it.

Entirely a solo effort, “The Quest” was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Aeon 61 – an incredible feat for someone still finding their feet in the game.

Influenced by US rap giants such as Eminem and Migos, Aeon 61 is attempting to offer his fans a unique take on trip-hop. This single gives his listeners a taste of that new take on a classic sound that he’s going for and there’s no doubt it will be well received once it hits speakers around the world.

Whilst the track itself has darker vibes than other songs by this staunchly enigmatic artist, Aeon 61 is all about good vibes. He told us he’s wishing peace and happiness upon all of the other struggling rappers and musicians during the pandemic, – Aeon 61 is still trying to make it and he won’t let negativity slow him down in the process.

Aeon 61 is an enigmatic and intriguing new face on the underground hip-hop scene and his off the wall sound is sure to get some heads turning. “The Quest” shows just how much potential this maverick artist has to offer.