Single Review: “Arabesque Skies” – mitamu ft. Calo & Qil Jones

arabesque skies mitamu

We get a lot of submissions here at RIDE from artists looking to get their music noticed. So, when we’re looking through all of our emails it takes something special to jump out and catch our attention. And that’s exactly what this single by mitamu did…

Spending time between New York City and Philadelphia, mitamu is an artist used to big city life, but this new single “Arabesque Skies” will soon transport you away from any of the hustle and bustle that you might find yourself in.

Created alongside producer Calo and spoken word artist Qil Jones, the 7 minute epic is an experimental soundscape that’s heavily hip-hop influenced at its core.

Speaking on “Arabesque Skies”, mitamu said “our goal was to create a tapestry of sound, much like an arabesque pattern, to illustrate how fragmentation can create beauty.”


An ambitious goal, but after listening through it’s clear mitamu hit mark with finesse on this track. I turned it on, laid my head back and was quickly engulfed in this song’s world through the poetry of Qil Jones. As the song progresses that hip-hop influence starts to become more apparent and you find yourself slowly but surely bopping your head when you catch the vibes.

It’s hard to put this track into words. Because of the fragmented nature of “Arabesque Skies” it’s virtually impossible to fit it into one neat genre box. And that’s what’s so great about it. Arguably, it’s less a song and more a ‘sonic experience’. It really does take you away to another world and guide you on a thought provoking, jarring at times yet ultimately relaxing, journey.

You really need to experience this one for yourself to truly understand why it’s such a beautiful piece of music. “Arabesque Skies” is without doubt one of the most bliss inducing tracks we’ve heard all year.