Single Review: “Fawk It Up” – T.Rozie


Blazing right out of Decatur, Georgia, T.Rozie is a fresh face on the hip-hop scene ready to make her mark with new single “Fawk It Up”.

A multi-talented performer, T.Rozie started her career as a professional dancer before recently diving head first into the music industry. “Fawk It Up” is only her second single, but it’s already obvious that Rozie made the right decision stepping into the booth and putting her infections energy into a track.

At a lean 1 minute 50 seconds, “Fawk It Up” is a short and punchy club banger. It’s not about getting in your feelings, it’s about letting them out. Rozie makes music to let loose to, to pop a bottle to. Once you get this track on and stick it on repeat your pre-party will be as lit as can be. You can’t help but dance and smile when this trappy Southern track hits.

Rozie is going to be one to watch in the next few years. It’s cleat she’s got a talent for making punchy party songs and she’s sure to make it onto the playlist of your favourite club very soon!


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