Single Review: “Mic Killer” – Sugarae


The rebirth of a producer into a rapper is something that probably happens more often than you think in the rap game. But it’s still pretty rare. Some rappers happen to be great producers already, but it’s not that often producers happen to be great rappers. However, Sugarae is definitely the exception.

The West-Midlands native first burst onto the scene in 2015 as a grime producer with his instrumental EP ‘Illusionist’. He then took a five year break from music before reinventing himself as a rapper in 2020 and he’s never looked back since. Suga quickly became a local hero and was soon getting noticed nationally. He was back and better than ever.

Sugarae has continued his momentum into 2021, dropping four huge singles. The latest of which is “Mic Killer” and it’s potentially his best track to-date.

Suga’s outstanding lyricism really takes centre stage on this release. His spin on UK hip-hop is a refreshingly modern. Suga mixes extremely chilled out vibes with his concise story telling delivery that has you hooked on every word. Even when he switches up the flow double time it still keeps you entranced.

Sugarae is an artist building a heaps of momentum in the UK and his latest single “Mic Killer” keeps that rolling on. This one is sure to turn more heads and get this guy the attention he truly deserves.


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