Single Review: “Mining” – Matte


What we love more than anything here at RIDE is a debut single. An artist’s chance to make a huge first impression and let fans know what to expect in the future. It can be the spark that ignites an incredible career. And today, we’ve got North London native Matte stepping up to the plate and taking on the rap game.

Soundtracking his journey to becoming the victor in his own life, Matte’s debut single “Mining” is a powerful effort. The track is all about perseverance, commitment, self discovery, and finding your purpose in life. Pretty deep stuff to tackle in a debut single, but it’s going to be abundantly clear to anyone listening that Matte isn’t one for shying away from deep bars.

Matte’s flow is smooth and really gives out some crisp old school vibes with a fresh flavour. He absolutely sounds a natural behind the mic, every bar delivered with confidence and a gusto that compels you to listen.

Matte has got bags of talent and on “Mining” he puts it all on show. It’s 100% what you want out of a debut single. It lays out what Matte is all about and gives the listener indisputably slick bars that they’ll need to listen to more than once to really deep.

He’s currently got a debut project in the works and we can’t wait to hear it. Keep an eye on this one!


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