Single Review: “Back” – AJ.L


“Back” is the brand new single from promising South London spitter All Just a Lesson, better known simply as AJ.L.

Originally a producer, AJ.L started making music on Soundcloud in 2017 before deciding to pick up a mic and find his voice behind the mic.

And we’re so glad that he did, because this latest offering is one of his best tracks to date and it’s all down to his unique cadence and potent lyricism. Despite drill being the most popular genre of music coming out of the capital right now, AJ.L has elected to go the complete opposite way with his sound.

It’s refreshing to hear an artist going against the grain, keeping it completely real and taking a stand in his music. In “Back” AJ.L raps powerfully about the media’s coverage of violence in the streets, stupid beefs over postcodes and the futility of conflict in the ends. Rather than celebrating it like a lot of modern rap, “Back” is all about escaping the hood and never going back. It’s an aspirational anthem that’s spat with such reverence. You can’t help but feel what AJ.L is saying on this one.

“Back” is one of AJ.L’s best tracks to-date. His distinct voice and potent lyricism are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t sleep on this guy!