Single Review: “If Your Not Here” – John Paul

John Paul

It’s our favourite thing here at RIDE Music – a debut single! An artist taking that all important first step on their musician journey that introduces them to the world. This time we’ve got John Paul and his massive debut “If Your Not Here”.

Despite this being his debut solo single, John Paul has a long and illustrious history in the music business. He was born in London, but now lives in New Zealand, and he started performing in the UK when he was 12, founding many bands over the years.

Before leaving England Paul auditioned as the drummer for The Cure and this was the last band he played in before immigrating. Upon arriving in New Zealand he started his own band Hangar 18 who went onto international success touring with acts such as, Silverchair, Collective Soul, No Doubt, Ocean Colour Scene and more.

Hangar 18 toured South East Asia prolifically and in 1997 they performed live at the historic Unity Hand Over Festival in Hong Kong live to a stadium audience of 10,000. Whilst the show was simulcast live on TV to over 900 million people around the globe, as the British rule of Hong Kong was handed back to the Chinese.

So Paul is no slouch when it comes to music. It’s fair to say he’s seen it all and done it all. But how does his debut solo single “If Your Not Here” stack up to the rest of his career?

The track has the classic indie melancholy that bands like The Cure and The Smiths perfected. The way that Paul builds from gentle vocals to big anthemic melodies is breathtaking. You can feel the emotion in his voice and it truly grips you from start to finish.

This track is an incredible debut from John Paul. He really flexes his musical know-how on this one and introduces himself as a solo artist with an undeniable finesse. This feels like the start of something special…