Wonder Twins

Hailing from Rockland County, New York, Black Wonder Twins are quickly making a name for themselves with hard hitting hip-hop that absolutely takes no prisoners.

Their latest single “BACK IT UP” embodies everything this fast rising pair are all about. The pair spit rage-filled bars over an experimental trap beat to create a truly fresh sound unlike anything else in rap right now.

The track is just filled with pure energy from start to finish. The duo flow over this bass-heavy beat with an almost strange level of finesse considering how left-field the beat is. It just goes to show the amount of skill they have behind the mic. Black Wonder Twins make their aggressive style look so easy. It’s rage music with added swagger.

The brash duo are already known throughout the tri-state area for their incredibly hype live shows that bring crowds to their knees in a frenzy of mosh pits and raw energy. And if they keep dropping the same level of heat they’ll soon be known worldwide for their unique sound and unmatched swaggering aggression.

Black Wonder Twins are an act that you simply can’t afford to sleep on. Their swaggering rage must will soon be tearing the roof off a venue near YOU. Mark our words.


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