Single Review: “Moonlight Jukebox” – Tray Nova

You may remember rising Chi-town star Tray Nova from our review of his slick track “Closer” in July. Thankfully he’s back again with a new single that’s even better than the last, “moonlight jukebox”.

The most stand out thing about Tray’s music is the way he brings soul back into hip-hop. In an age where hip-hop is defined by its frivolous nature and thoughtless lyricism, Tray flips that trend on its head with impeccable style and substance in his music.

With a flow that mixes the sharp delivery of Kendrick Lamar and the smooth candour of Frank Ocean, Tray really comes into his own on “moonlight jukebox”. This atmospheric track let’s Tray showcase just how dynamic his voice and style is. There’s not many doing it right now that sound so effortlessly diverse when they transition from style to style behind the mic. Tray truly is a talent that demands attention.

With a new EP set to drop this winter and brand new music with his 2ill collective coming in 2022, “moonlight jukebox” is an exciting taste of things to come from an artist that’s undoubtedly on the rise. It’s introspective, atmospheric and an absolute joy to listen to again and again. Pure neo-soul meets hip-hop bliss!