Single Review: “Deepest Thoughts” – Felz

Deepest Thoughts

It’s always interesting when an already established artist tries their hand at something new. I’m not talking a one off where they slightly change the tone of their voice or whatever either. I’m talking starting a new project entirely in order to conquer a new genre. And that’s exactly what Felz has done.

The Bournemouth-based artist is already an established face behind the mic in the UK’s thriving drum and bass scene, performing under the name MC Felon. But now Felon is taking his first steps into the world of hip-hop and grime under his new Felz alias. His debut track under this moniker, Deepest Thoughts, will have silenced any doubters. Within this new genre Felz has been able to put his lyrical ability and dynamic flow to the test, digger deeper with more introspective lyrics than the world of DnB could ever accommodate.

It’s like Felz has been set free on this track; he’s taken to the new tempo and energy of grime like a duck to water. Opting for a sinister, big bass A-Xross produced beat that merges elements of grime and drill, Felz goes hard from the word go! He just skips across the beat with an incredible finesse, spitting some deep bars about the state of flux the world currently finds itself in. It’s like Felz doesn’t take a breath between bars, he’s too smooth with it. In a strange way his cadence and delivery reminds me of early Devlin, especially when he takes his foot off the gas a little in the end.

This is an incredibly confident and well executed foray into a new genre from Felz. He’s an absolute natural behind the mic and you can feel that on Deepest Thoughts. Honestly, put Felz on any beat and we’d bet on him killing it. It’s going to be exciting to see what he does next…