Single Review: “Trust Me” – Akso Heart

Akso Heart

Ready for some slick R’n’B meets pop goodness? Of course you are! Thankfully for you Akso Heart‘s new single Trust Me is here to quench your thirst!

Taking inspiration from the eccentric and mesmerising Japanese music scene when he was living in the country, Akso Heart decided to embark on his musical journey in early 2021 after feeling stifled due to multiple lockdowns.

Akso’s shimmering R’n’B pop sound instantly started turning heads in his native UK, leading people to ask who is Akso and why does he sound so damn good? With his latest track Trust Me already looking like his best effort to-date, we caught up with Akso to find out more about him and this new banger!

Where was the single recorded?

In London – Wembley!

What or who are your main influences?

I’m a huge fan of 90’s RnB and old-school UK dance music and artists like Frank Ocean, Daniel
Caesar, Craig David, Architechs, Aaliyah and Dawn Richard.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself…

I studied a PhD in Chemistry and spent a number years of science. This burst of creativity has been a long time coming! I did a podcast series called ‘Try Speaking Your Mind’ and currently do a IGTV series called ‘Becoming the Artist’.

What inspired Trust Me?

It’s sending a little message to the haters. It’s time to reclaim your time, take value in what you have to offer and keep winning! Really it’s a song about flying off to your own planet but not before you tell the world how you feel. Letting them know that you see and hear more than they know. And while they try to play you, you’re off to greater heights and that nothing can stand in your way.