Single Review: “Crying All Night Long” – Geller


It’s always a momentous occasion when a talented producer steps behind the mic, it’s a move that could fall flat on its face or change the course of their career for the better. And in the case of this new single from Los Angeles based producer Geller, he might just have made the best decision of his career yet stepping behind that mic.

It’s been a relatively long road leading up to this turning point single “Crying All Night Long”. Geller first broke onto the music scene in 2018 with his debut LP “Astral Plane” – it quickly turned heads and even reached as high as number 7 on the Apple Music Electronic charts. Since then Geller has continued to make a name for himself with a dynamic hybrid of electronic music, indie, alternative, and dream pop.

However, it feels like it’s all been leading up to this point. Geller has finally picked up the mic and taken charge of lead vocals on “Crying All Night Long”. And damn has it paid off! This super slick hyper-pop meets lo-fi indie track is an absolute dream. But Geller’s lowkey melancholic vocals really are the cherry on the cake.

“Crying All Night Long” is Geller’s strongest offering to date! It’s infectious catchy and infinitely re-playable, with addictive lead vocals from the man himself. I feel like this marks a huge turning point for the LA native and he’s going to springboard even further into the mainstream consciousness off the back of this track!