Single Review: “Built Different” – J Nui

J Nui

We cover a lot of artists from the UK and USA on RIDE Music, so it’s always refreshing when an exciting artist that comes from elsewhere lands in our inbox. This time our reviews take us over to Australia for the swaggering new single Built Different from J Nui.

J Nui started out with bedroom production rooted in hip-hop, and has quickly established himself in Oz as an artist able to reinvent himself on every track, artfully pushing the boundaries of his sound.

With Built Different J Nui has his sights set on turning heads around the world. It’s an acoustic guitar backed glistening trap banger that goes off! J Nui skips across the beat with ease, spitting about the fact he’s strong in the face adversity, stronger than a lot of other’s that would crumble in his situation – in other words, he’s built different!

J Nui’s matter-of-fact attitude in his lyricism tells you that although life can get you down, you can always get yourself up again. His advice is universal, owing to his Māori heritage. His overriding hope is that although everyone is built differently, with unique connections and life experiences, we can all unite to build ourselves up if they’ve ever felt down, felt failure, or been doubted.

Built Different has big radio hit written all over it! Its glossy trap sound and uplifting lyrics make it a track you can just throw on and vibe out to. Keep an eye on J Nui, he could be the next big thing coming out of Australia!