Single Review: “Glistening” – Willz OCW 

Willz OCW

Glistening marks Willz OCW’s triumphant return to the music scene. The hugely skilled UK rapper took some time out from the scene to hone his craft and take stock of the industry so as to make the best of his talent before returning with the huge single Decisions in 2020, and even in this short space of time, Willz OCW has developed and strengthened his sound tenfold.

Debuting the video on Pressplay, Willz OCW’s Glistening is dripping with confidence and style. His flow is measured, direct, and most importantly, cold as fuck. Willz OCW merges melody with cutting delivery, bringing something fresh to a classic sounding UK rap cut. He’s got the ear for an infectious hook too, this one will be stuck in your heads for weeks on end!

Armed with a plan to take over the scene, Glistening is an absolute war cry from Willz OCW. It’s an ultra cold track that marks a huge return for this underrated spitter. Willz OCW is on the come-up, don’t sleep on him!