Single Review: “So Alive” – Cut With  

Cut With

Obscure, outlandish, yet stylish and alternative, London based Cut With are turning heads with their new single So Alive!

Embracing being misfits, this trio have banded together to push their outsider sounds to the world. Doing everything independently with DIY releases, Cut With recorded, produced and directed So Alive in their South London studio. The result was a quirky, unconventional hip-hop-punk fusion that wouldn’t be out of place if it was played on BBC Radio 6.

Fans of acts like Slowthai and The Streets will be big into this one! The vocals are almost spoken word at times, with laid back spitting flowing crashing drums and riveting bass lines. It’s impossible to predict which way this track will go when you first listen and that’s one of the best things about it. Cut With aren’t afraid to get experimental and step out of the box. They don’t really subscribe to any one genre they just play how they feel and the result is some sort of beautiful sonic chaos that loosely resembles rap-infused-punk.

Cut With are one of the most refreshing acts we’ve covered in so long. Their desire to be unflinchingly original is the sign of a truly special act. So Alive is chaos at time, but in the best way possible; it’s exciting, it gets the adrenaline pumping. We can’t wait to see what this enigmatic trio do next… your bet is as good as ours…