Single Review: “Lover That You Are” – Lucas Flow And Keezza

Lucas Flow

Fast rising rapper and producer duo Lucas Flow and Keezza have just released their biggest single to-date, House Soundcloud hit Lover That You Are!

This talented pair have been bubbling under the surface of the North East of England’s music scene for a few years now, releasing a few tracks that have turned some heads locally in their time. But nothing has quite matched the success of their latest single Lover That You Are.

The track already has over one million streams on Soundcloud… meaning we’re a bit late to the party really. But, none-the-less it’s easy to see why this one has gotten so much traction and really rocketed these guys to international attention. Lover That You Are feels like an old school Ibiza classic with a modern edge; it’s 100% engineered for the dance floor with simple but effective vocals and a euphoria inducing beat that you can’t help but move to.

This one is already infiltrating clubs across the UK and abroad, letting people experience those summer EDM vibes all year round! That track has even landed Lucas Flow a booking to perform at a boat party in Malia next year – you don’t know how much we wish we were going to that one!

Both ex-music students, Lucas Flow and Keezza are super proud of how well this totally independent release has done and off the back of it they want to get into teaching and inspire the next generation of musicians to follow their passion.

Lover That You Are is a huge club track and a huge achievement for North East natives Lucas Flow and Keezza! We can’t wait to see where this track takes them next and what they’ll do with this incredible momentum…