Single Review: “At Eye Level” – Einsam

Einsam (Photo - Armando Ribeiro)

Bristol-born producer and songwriter Sam Jackson has finally released the first single of his new solo project Einsam. At Eye Level is the first single from the upcoming Samantics EP that Sam has been working on for over four years.

Sam had been living in Vienna whilst creating this project and EP, taking time away from his native Bristol to find the inspiration he needed for a masterpiece. Now he’s back in the UK and ready to finally let the world hear what he’s been working on for all of these years.

At Eye Level is the lead single from the EP and it’s an impressive one to say the least. Sam really flexes his production chops on this indie meets electronica bop. Sam delivers his vocals calmly and concisely, employing some subtle melody but keeping it almost like spoken word poetry at times. The How Do I Look? / How Do I See? refrain acts as a really simple but effective hook that seems to get stuck in your head.

From the word go the simple drum-lead beat gets you moving and hooks you all the way until the last second. But other than that there’s no real predicting this beat, it’s a rollercoaster ride of absolutely sublime production. Sam uses changes in tempo, synthy riffs and almost creepy guitar jangles to keep you constantly on your toes whilst his monologue continues to challenge you with rising intensity.

According to Sam, “At Eye Level looks at the way we view the world and the way we appear to
And to us Einsam appears to be an exciting project that’s going to push the boundaries of contemporary music.

If At Eye Level is anything to go by, Einsam’s upcoming EP is going to be an absolutely joyous listen. There’s no debating his talent for production and songwriting on this breathtaking indie meets electronic track.