Album Review: ‘Losers, Rejects & Renegades’ – Sikadime


Here at RIDE what we do best is spotlight new artists that are making waves in the underground or their own local scenes. We love giving artists their first coverage and championing people taking their first steps in the industry. But sometimes we get the opportunity to cover legends of the underground. And that’s exactly what we’ve got today in Sikadime‘s 50th (you read that right, 50th!) studio album Losers, Rejects & Renegades.

From being signed with Death Row Records in the early 2000’s to sharing stages with some of the best known names in the rap game, Vancouver BC’s Sikadime has really done in all in his 20+ years in the game. In 2020 he decided it was time to hang up his hat and go out with a bang dropping his 50th and final album Losers, Rejects & Renegades. Despite it being released back in April 2020, people have still been taking it in and really the album is getting the appreciation it deserves right now in 2021.

At a lean ten tracks, this swan-song project is concise and to the point. Sikadime knows exactly how we wants to say farewell to his fans and his haters on this one, keeping it old school and reflecting on this many experiences in the industry across every track. Sika explores both the positive and the negatives of the rap game, almost as a cautionary tale to his listeners, dropping gems of advice over bassy boom-bap beats with sick samples.

Overall this album tells Sika’s fans that he’s content. He’s happy with his career and everything he’s achieved, he’s in a good place and despite the road being hard he wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, goodbyes are emotional, and the final track Flashbacks really pulls on the heart strings in reflection; looking back at the many stages Sika has rocked and the people he’s met along the way.

Losers, Rejects & Renegades is the cherry on top of the illustrious career of one of Canada’s underground rap kings. Sikadime keeps true to himself, keeps it old school and says goodbye in the only way he can on this one. It’s fire bars and reflective lyrics from start to finish. Big up Sikadime!