Album Review: ‘Switchblades N Sad Shit Pt.2’ – Zamaxx


Coming straight out of the streets of Michigan, USA, Zamaxx is a fast rising alternative rap artist that’s just dropped one of his most ambitious projects to-date, Switchblades N Sad Shit Pt.2.

Mixing early 2000s emo vibes with modern trap rap and alternative rock, Zamaxx’s sound on this album is refreshingly out of the box. Pouring his heart out across 17 tracks alongside features from his X.O Clique collective, Zamaxx offers up sublime emo rap sonics that are perfect for when that late night sadness hits.

Opener Why I Hide, featuring, Maclov, really sets the tone for a lot of the project going forward. Zamaxx’s drawn out melodic vocals sound like a mix between Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 and Lil Peep. On these super emo influenced tracks he has you hanging on everyone, really feeling the raw emotion in his delivery across the rough around the edges trap production.

However, Zamaxx doesn’t keep it one note the entire way through, he switches up the vibes consistently on the album. One track you’re crying outside of your ex’s house and the next one you’re getting lit in the mosh pit. Remember the album isn’t just called Sad Shit… it’s called Switchblades N Sad Shit, so I guess the aggressive side is the switchblades. Ghost Boi $uicide is a perfect example of this higher energy side of the project. It’s an absolute banger that’ll have you smashing your room up as soon as it kicks in.

Nightmare is one of the standout solo efforts on the album and without a doubt our favourite track. The voicemail set up sample at the track perfectly takes you into the story of this track before Zamaxx’s vocals come out of nowhere to hit you with an almost isolated version on the hook. It’s a pretty simple song lyrically but the build up is perfect and the production really creates a DIY vibe. The sad energy is real on this one and because it’s basically just one massive chorus you know the words after one listen. Simple and effective, a great sad boi anthem.

If you’re a fan of emo rap in any capacity then you’ve got to listen to Switchblades N Sad Shit Pt.2 by Zamaxx. Across the 17 tracks there’s so many stand out bangers that will easily make it onto your sad boi playlist as an essential listen. This is an unmissable project in this genre, a must listen!