Album Review: ‘Perception’ –  MeatSpady


Coming straight out of the gritty streets of North Philadelphia, USA, promising rapper MeatSpady is back again with another project that looks to turn him from local legend to national star, his new album Perception.

Spady originally broke onto the hip-hop scene in 2017 with his debut mixtape The Beautiful Letdown; a certified street hit that inspired the release of his conceptual album Sthguoht Live in 2019. Both projects solidified his name as a major player in the city, but his new album, Perception, is set to take his reputation to a whole new level.

The 11 track album is straight heat from start to finish. Spady comes with that old school, measured vibe that’s too rare in the current rap climate. He speaks like a veteran on the track despite only being in the game a few years, you can just feel how real it is when he speaks, every bar hits with precision.

The album transports you back to the golden age, where lyrics actually meant something and real emotion gets put into a track. Spady flows with such finesse on every track, tackling personal issues from toxic relationships to navigating everyday life in the streets of Philly. There’s an effortless cool to Spady’s delivery that just can’t be taught… you’ve either got it or you don’t and Spady has it in… well… spades…

Eyes Wide Shut is definitely one of the project’s standout tracks. It’s overflowing with emotion and tackles the reality of battling with street life, dragging yourself up from the mud and overcoming the odds. What Spady sums up so perfectly with his bars is that the people who are the quickest to give you advice probably are the one’s who don’t actually see the full picture; they’re too busy thinking they know it all that they’ve got their eyes wide shut.

MeatSpady is one of North Philly’s most promising up and coming rappers and this Perception album only goes to show that there still is real out there, you’ve just got to go out and find it. Meat Spady is as real as they come and so is his talent. This project is a must listen for fans of rap with real substance. Don’t sleep on this one…