EP Review: ‘Florida’ – Young Dakota

Young Dakota

A lot of people are chatting about emo rap being dead, but there’s a wave of young teens coming out of California who are keeping the genre alive with a fresh take on the sound. Young Dakota is one of those artists, with his new EP ‘Florida’ set to make a big impact on the scene.

At only 18 years old, Young Dakota’s sound is raw and full of hunger. The 7 track ‘Florida’ EP sees Dakota leave his all behind the mic, exploring some of the darkest parts of his psyche. Taking inspiration from the likes of Lil Peep, Killstation and Juice WRLD, you get the feeling Dakota is still working out his own sound on this EP, but it’s definetly coming together because the project is bursting with potential.

Across the 7 tracks Dakota employs his signature melancholic auto-crooning vocals over skippy trap beats. Despite all the songs sounding kinda sad… they aren’t all actually about being sad… if that makes sense. On the whole Dakota raps about living a hedonistic lifestyle; making it big, making money, finding fame, women and the trappings that this life comes with. One minute he’s rapping about Lipstick Shawty and the next he wants to die. It’s that kinda EP, good for a solo binge or a solo cry in your bedroom… or maybe both?

This project is a vibe from start to finish, Young Dakota knows how to capture that rainy day energy and transform it into an array of feelings that’ll have you on an emotional rollercoaster whilst listening. One dimensional he is not.

‘Florida’ showcases the raw talent Young Dakota has – it’s gritty, emotional and filled with passion. If you’re looking for the next emo rap saviour then look no further, Young Dakota may just be one of the next’s generation’s artists that carries the genre forward.