Single Review: “TAKE MY HEART” – Lyink


TAKE MY HEART is the emotion filled new single from fast rising alternative rapper Lyink!

After two years as part of a rock band, Lyink was finally inspired to step out and release music as a solo artist when Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington died in 2017. Taking massive inspiration from artists like Linkin Park and Lil Peep, Lyink has built a name for himself in the underground scene with a fresh sound that challenges convention at every turn.

His latest effort, TAKE MY HEART, is a dark banger that mixes bassy trap beats with fast flows and guttural growls. Short and sweet at just under 2 minutes long, Lyink packs so much into this hard hitting package. They way he flawlessly merges a handful of genres feels reminiscent of some of Ghostemane’s most experimental work in all the best ways.

The hook has to be the highlight of the track! It feels like some sort of dark nursery rhyme the way Lyink attacks it with an almost ghostly spoken word approach. This switch in vocal delivery really creates an overwhelmingly haunting atmosphere on the track and really that’s what Lyink does best.

TAKE MY HEART is a sublime slab of dark trap that’ll leave you feeling hauntingly in need for more. Stick it on repeat, get lost in a macabre world and let Lyink do what he does best! Don’t sleep on this one!