EP Review: ‘Pre Season 3’ – D Def

D Def

London spitter D Def has dropped the third instalment of his Pre Season EP series, taking it back old school on this brand new third edition.

D Def has been making a name for himself in the UK’s capital for the past 10 years, carving out his own space as one of the most talented bar for bar underground stars.

As you might have guessed from the title, these Pre Season EPs act as warm up sessions for D Def. They’re project that he can push himself on creatively, experimenting with different sounds and setting him up for big releases in the year ahead.

Despite D Def using this EP as a sort of studio training session he doesn’t hold anything back; the bar is still set as high as possible. The 7 track project packs a hell of a punch. D Def has taken an old school, reflective UK rap approach to this one stylistically.

Every track is hard, put it that way. D Def fills every cut with lyrical content that you’ve really got to deep. Nothing he writes is filler, it’s all been thought through and hits with an ice cold impact at every punchline.

If Pre Season 3 is what D Def considers a warm up then he’s set to have a huge 2022 because this project is stone cold from start to finish. Don’t sleep on D Def!