EP Review: ‘Success Under Construction’ – TyCuun


Hailing from Ghana, TyCuun is an artist ready to stake his claim on the international rap scene with his brand new EP Success Under Construction.

Let us tell you a little about TyCuun before diving into the EP. He started out making music at the tender age of 12 years old, and by the time he was leaving high school he had already cemented himself as an artist with maturity beyond his years in his national scene. Hard, educative punchlines are what TyCuun is all about, with an aim to thrill with each song his flair and dynamism has only grown from strength-to-strength with every release. 

Success Under Construction details TyCuun’s experiences of facing and overcoming hardship. The 7-track project blends all sorts of genres together, from drill and hip-hop to Christian rap and melodic RnB. The whole EP is laced with motivational lyrics that look to uplift you and inspire you to attack the day with the same confidence TyCuun has on his tracks. Honestly his whole aggressively positive vibe on this EP is infectious!

“The inspiration behind this is to tell people that no matter the struggles of life, people on the streets like me should remember that, there is success under construction,” TyCuun told us.

Success Under Construction is a project that has international appeal, everyone can relate to the message of dragging themselves up out of the mud. This may just be the one that takes TyCuun from Ghanaian sensation to international rap star.

TyCuun has made a huge statement with Success Under Construction, from the gritty streets of Ghana to the world, he’s ready to make his mark on the international rap scene with this one.