Single Review: “HIGH ENOUGH” – GRANT FLOWS Ft. Cryptic Wisdom

Grant Flows

It’s always great seeing an artist that took some time away eventually come back to music. That’s exactly what Grant Flows has done with this one. The Tampa, Florida based artist has just released his first single in six years – High Enough.

This emotion filled comeback track sees Grant rap about chasing a high that is never enough to distract him from the hardships he faces in everyday life. It’s a soulful hip-hop track that’s laced with rainy melancholic sadness both in the lyricism and the downtrodden beat.

It’s a gritty track that’s full of wide open introspection. Grant leaves it all behind the mic on this one with some really raw lyrics that give you an unflinching picture of his deteriorating mental state.

Considering this is the first track Grant has dropped in six years he’s brave to come with something so vulnerable and emotion-led. This track is real rap in the most literal sense. Grant spits straight up bars whilst Cryptic Wisdom tags in on the hook to provide the perfect melodic accompaniment that really brings the track together.

High Enough is a triumphant comeback for Tampa spitter Grant Flows. If you’re feeling down stick this one on and you’ll quickly understand you’re not alone. This is raw, real rap at it’s finest!