Single Review: “Heartbroken” – King Joel

King Joel

Nigerian social media powerhouse King Joel is back again with another huge club single that’s going to be making its way into all of your playlists very soon – Heartbroken!

Boasting over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million streams, King Joel certainly isn’t a slouch! He’s already proved himself as one of his country’s most versatile spitters and now living in Atlanta he’s looking to crack the USA with this epic new single.

Heartbroken is an emotion filled club banger that turns sadness into ethereal party vibes with a very Future meets Drake-esque style. King Joel’s delivery is cold and hard hitting, every bar is delivered with crystal clear clarity so you can really deep it.

Paired with Marz Da Hippy’s intoxicating auto-crooning hook, King Joel has created one of those tracks that you just can’t help but lose yourself in.

Heartbroken is another huge track for Atlanta’s new Nigerian superstar King Joel! This is undoubtably his slickest and catchiest effort to date, it’s a certified late night club banger that brings some unmatchable vibes to party. Don’t sleep on this one!