Single Review: “PATTERN UP” – LUCIUS∴


He’s back! You might remember new face on the UK’s underground rap scene Lucius from our article covering his debut release back in July. Now he’s finally following up with his huge new single Pattern Up!

The Luton based spitter more than impressed us with his debut, so he had a lot to live up to on this second effort and, to be honest, he’s really smashed it out of the park once again.

Patten Up sees Lucius again bring back those unique flows and inexplicably catchy hooks that first got us interested, but this time he’s went even harder behind the mic! Lucius truly gives it his all on Patten Up and you can feel that swaggering vibe coming through in each and every bar. The bottom line is, Lucius is going to force you to pay attention to him by any sonic means necessary!

Lucius feels so relaxed on this one and his effortless confidence is palpable throughout. He’s really feeling himself on this one and so he should be, it’s another banger!

Pattern Up sees Luton newcomer Lucius take his alternative rap sound to a new melodic high! This single is super catchy and deserves to find a place on your hype playlist right away!