Album Review: ‘Thug In The Time Of Corona’ – Kazz and Kanine

Kazz and Kanine

This pair of OGs are setting out to shake up the UK hip-hop scene with their latest album, meet Kazz and Kanine. The pair’s latest effort collab effort Thug In The Time Of Corona is a teeth shattering project that’ll shake you to your core.

Kazz and Kanine’s link up was always going result in super raw, gritty, no punches pulled music. Hailing from Trinidad and Bury St Edmunds respectively, the pair have brought a dynamic set of skills, experience and influences on this project. It’s a super engaging project start to finish.

Thug In The Time Of Corona was a project that came into fruition as soon as the pair met in 2019. After doing two songs together previously, Kazz and Kanine set out with the purpose to make something completely fresh and raw, something so cold that the UK scene had to take notice. And they’ve certainly achieved that.

“We wanted it to feel raw,” said Kanine.

“So we kept the tracks that were done on the go at someone’s house with basic equipment and slight noise in the background as well as the top-notch ones done in Kazz’s home studio.”

Both Kazz and Kanine get the best out of each other on this project, skilfully pushing the boundaries of each other’s output across multiple genres like drill, grime and hip-hop resulting in a gritty genre-defying soundscape. 

If you’re a fan of gritty UK hip-hop of all varieties then this project from Kazz and Kanine is an absolute must listen!