Single Review: “Nervous Twitch” – Macauley


Nervous Twitch is the brand new hard hitting single from Yorkshire spitter Macauley!

The 29 year-old Huddersfield native has been rapping for over two thirds of his life, fitting it around building businesses and supporting his family. It’s only now with this new single that Macauley is looking to come for the game with some real determination.

With an intro from the one and only Compton legend The Game, Macauley grabs your attention straight away. When Macauley’s vocals come in you quickly forget about that cameo though, because his cadence is so unique and his flow is undeniably cold. This is his time to shine.

Macauley’s unashamedly Yorkshire accent just adds more grit and personality to his bars. There’s no arguing that he has bags of raw talent, Macauley could rap rings around some of the biggest in the game today. Plus, he packs more punchlines into one track than some man do in an entire album – now that’s a skill!

Gritty, raw and incredibly replayable, Nervous Twitch is a huge track from Huddersfield underground star Macauley! We can’t wait to see what he does in 2022!