EP Review: ‘DOTS’ – hello image


Prepare to be taken on a sonic journey of pure bliss with this new four track EP DOTS from hello image.

There’s not too much information online about hello image. DOTS, standing for ‘Don’t Over Think Shit’, is the first project on their Spotify and it’s hard to tell if hello image is a collective or the work of one person. They’re certainly an enigma. However, when you press play on DOTS you quickly realise none of that information is important, because the music completely speaks for itself.

First track The Future Is Here is a statement of intent from hello image. It says this is literally the sound of the future right now. Blaring in with big drum kicks, hello image launches you into a dramatic synthwave soundscape. Distorted vocals then haunt the background, supporting the dynamic electro world that hello image builds in your head like an omnipresent narrator.

hello image continues to develop this world through the next three tracks. Gifting (Always There) adds a shimmering layer of energy to the project, juxtaposed with more jarring yet similarly laidback vibe of Folly.

Final track Like Before is a highlight of the project. It feels more commercial, more dance floor filling with an intoxicating beat that you could completely lose yourself in. Despite hello image clearly creating a lane of their own in the world of electronic music, they still know how to make a potential radio worthy hit.

Overall the whole EP is one cohesive play through that truly does build a sonic world around it. It transports you somewhere else and allows you to completely lose yourself in the beauty of the sound.

DOTS is an incredible synthwave soundscape of an EP from the enigmatic and immensely talented hello image. It’s left us wanting more from this captivating artist!