Album Review: ‘Unified Gemini’ – Bailey Parker

Bailey Parker

Unified Gemini is the brand new album from fast rising multi-instrumentalist and underground rap star, Kansas City’s own, Bailey Parker.

If you haven’t heard Bailey’s hard hitting sound before, let us give you a quick break down of his story. His musical journey started out after picking up a guitar and teaching himself how to play. That’s where he discovered his passion for music, quickly throwing himself into writing and singing.

The Kansas City native then spent years perfecting his craft, developing himself behind the mic with strong lead vocals, catchy flows, powerful beats and exhilarating live performances.

Bailey has taken all of his skills and pushed them to the limit on Unified Gemini, putting together 10 tracks that truly showcase how dynamic of an artist he is.

The album is a testament to Bailey’s musical versatility. Ranging from emotional ballads to banging dance tracks, the album is infused with pop, hip-hop, and rap influences to create something that is uniquely Bailey’s sound.

Inspired by an underlying theme of duality and the struggle of dark and light that individuals face internally, ‘Unified Gemini’ is a statement of bringing these two forces together to create the best version of one’s self. And that’s certainly what Bailey has done on this album. He’s brought the absolute best of all his musical abilities on one mega project.

Unified Gemini showcases the sheer amount of raw talent Bailey Parker has to offer, it’s a solid listen start to finish! We can’t wait to see what Bailey has in store for 2022