Single Review: “Dinner Date” – AJ.L


All Just a Lesson AKA AJ.L has just dropped a fire new track cementing himself as one of South London’s most promising rising stars. Get your head around the cold vibes of Dinner Date.

Known for his conscious and often gritty lyricism, AJ.L has gone a different direction on this one, taking on the mine field that is dating!

We’ve all been there, on a date with someone and not really knowing what their intention is or if you’re ever going to see them again. And that’s exactly the situation AJ.L describes on the super catchy Dinner Date.

AJ.L still keeps it real on this one, but he shows us a more romantic side of his personality rather than his more serious tracks that take on big issues. This is one of those ones you can just throw on repeat and vibe out too.

Despite the tune being about dating, AJ.L goes hard. He doesn’t hold back or change his tone, he’s stayed true to what’s got him this far. His cold as ice delivery and laidback flow.

It’s a song ready made for that journey home after the date; them times where you’re going back through the night in your head and wondering if you said the right shit. Dinner Date captures that emotion perfectly.

AJ.L shows a different side of himself on Dinner Date but he’s still as cold as ever behind the mic. 2022 is going to be a big year for the Brixton native!