Album Review: ‘Welcome To That Head Of Mine’ – TheNobodyMan


Welcome To That Head Of Mine is the debut album from enigmatic underground artist TheNobodyMan.

Not too much is known about this masked figure, but he began to build hype through his EPs in 2021 – Leave All Feelings Behind and That Was A Lie. This lean 7 track debut album is the logical next step that fans have been asking for, so does it live up to the hype? Is TheNobodyMan an underground star in the making in 2022?

In short, yes… this album is a super strong first effort. TheNobodyMan comes with his signature melodic, melancholic style, flowing smoothly over bouncy drum-led beats.

Nothing In That Head Of Mine is one of the standout tracks, showcasing TheNobodyMan’s go-to style. Its skippy, catchy and bursting with dark emotion. TheNobodyMan really leaves his all on these tracks, opening up and letting the listener feel his pain.

Does It Really Matter is another huge highlight on this project, as TheNobodyMan switches up and gives us a nostalgic pop-punk vibe. Sounding like a slightly darker Blink 182, TheNobodyMan really shows his range with this ultra catchy pop-punk banger.

Overall, Welcome To That Head Of Mine is a super impressive debut album from TheNobodyMan. Mixing up emo, rap, pop-punk and even pop, TheNobodyMan will definitely be one to watch in 2022 if this project is anything to go by!