Album Review: ‘Lyrically Infected’ – Straight Paper Jacque

Straight Paper Jacque

Fast rising underground star Straight Paper Jacque has just dropped a brand new album, setting out a statement of intent to take his career to the next level in 2022. Get your head around Lyrically Infected!

Let us fill you in on who Straight Paper Jacque is if you haven’t heard of him before. Growing up in Tower Hamlets in East London, Straight Paper Jacque was drawn to the sounds of Mobb Deep and Ludacris, and UK Garage legends like DJ EZ.

Eventually being more and more involved in Grime and the growing East London scene, Straight Paper Jacque honed his skills MCing under the stage name of Chucklez. Rebranding himself as Straight Paper Jacque after a brief spell in prison, he took the time to craft and develop his sound and is ready to burst back onto the scene with this new album Lyrically Infected.

A homage to the giants that inspired him, Lyrically Infected showcases Straight Paper Jacque’s raw talent and dogged determination on the mic.

Lyrically ambitious, Straight Paper Jacque flexes his flow and control of the beat on each and every song, carving out his own sound in a crowded genre. “Lyrically Infected is my life in art form” explains Straight Paper Jacque who hopes this album will inspire anyone who can relate to the lyrics.

Lofi Jacque is one of the highlights from the lean ten track album. It sees SPJ spotlight his super clean, super smooth flow. You can hear SPJ’s experience behind the mic with the way he delivers these emotionally charged bars. The whole track is just so slick.

If Lyrically Infected is anything to go by then Straight Paper Jacque is set for a huge 2022. After hearing this album it’d be a crime to sleep on this incredibly talented and raw spitter.