Album Review: ‘(Self-Titled)’ – Stillborn Twin

A fresh face breathing new life into the Atlanta rap scene, Stillborn Twin has finally dropped his debut self-titled album!

Arguably, a debut album is the most important project in an artist’s career. It’s a statement, it’s a first impression, it needs to pack a punch so that fans keep coming back for years to come.

So, has this enigmatic Atlanta up-start managed to hit a home run with this debut? Let’s find out…

At 12 tracks long, the album is a lean 31 minute listen and Stillborn Twin wastes no time before diving right into his hard hitting, head turning style.

Stillborn’s style is virtually incomparable to anyone else in the game right now; it’s so diverse and crazy creative. The only person you could possibly compare him to is Ghostemane. It’s the way Stillborn jumps from these almost demonic vocals over creepy, nu-metal inspired beats, to bouncy trap bangers spittin’ this slurred Southern style.

Don’t let yourself get comfortable on this album, because Stillborn just continues to flip the switch through out. Screaming, straight bars and something in-between, Stillborn is well and truly in his own lane on this album. Easy listening this is not. However, if you like your pig squeals with a side of rap then you’re in luck!

It’s so refreshing to listen to an album, and an artist, that’s totally unbound creatively. He holds nothing back, tones nothing done. Every track is full on, every track is unique, every track pushes the boundaries of genres so far that they break!

Stillborn Twin is one of the most unpredictable artists we’ve ever listened to and this debut album is a fresh slice of experimental rap that deserves some real underground recognition.

This debut album from Stillborn Twin does exactly what you want a debut to do. It takes no prisoners with its creativity and leaves you with no doubt about who Stillborn Twin is as an artist. He’s going to be a problem in 2022, don’t sleep on this guy!