Single Review: ‘Angela’ – Capro


We’ve got something fresher than fresh for you, it’s the debut track from London rapper Capro! The hard hitting Angela makes a big statement from this fresh faced rapper!

Before you get into the track, let us give you a bit of context by telling you Capro’s story. Born in Italy but raised in the UK, Capro proudly incorporates his national identity into his music, aiming to bring both his Italian and Albanian heritage to the forefront in his sound and brand.

Angela shows the raw ability that Capro has behind the mic. A technically skilled rapper, you can hear that Italian accent shine through and that’s something that’s really going to make him stand out in this over saturated market.

Spitting over a skippy guitar led drill beat, Capro gives it his all on this one. His delivery is hard, impactful and dripping with finesse.

Capro’s Italian fire on debut single Angela is really going to get heads turning in the UK scene. It’s cold, it’s a statement and it’s a track that’s going to get this talent spitter noticed!