Single Review: ‘Can’t Help It’ – Dank Boi Gweedo

Dank Boi Gweedo

A fast rising underground artists that’s been putting in work for over three years, Dank Boi Gweedo is back again with his strongest single to date Can’t Help It.

Taking inspiration from the worlds of punk, emo and hip-hop, DBG comes with a sort of lo-fi, laidback flavour that’s something close to vintage emotional Mac Miller meets Lil Peep.

It’s obvious the skill DBG has when it comes to creating a catchy banger and Can’t Help It might be the most infectious track he’s ever dropped. He’s really leaning into his emotions on this one, coming with that melancholic melody that’d be the perfect soundtrack for a late night smoke session.

DBG’s smooth flow and leaned up delivery make for an easy listen, you can just feel his emotion behind the mic and it resonates throughout the track.

It’s clear DBG has bags of potential and ‘Can’t Help It’ truly cements him as an underground star in the making. Could 2022 be the year Dank Boi Gweedo takes it to the next level? Well, if this single is anything to go by we’d say he has a pretty good shot.