EP Review: ‘The Seed’ – Jubal Thomas

Today we take a look at the brand new EP from fast rising indie pop artist Jubal Thomas! Prepare to get lost in The Seed!

Before we experience this lean five track project, let’s get some context from the artist himself before we go any further.

My project The Seed was something I started working on in August 2021,” said Jubal.

“The project came out of me from the lowest point I have ever been in my life. I needed to create a work of art that embodied the ‘Something beautiful that comes out of the damages experienced from life.’  I wrote all of the songs and their melodies all in the same hour and all at once.

In my head I had to write all of the music in the same day or else they wouldn’t feel like they went together. All of the songs transition into each other, I wrote them to transition into each other as well as composing a 14:00 minute instrumental track for the songs all in the same day two week after.

I also composed a musical film “The Seed’ with 10,000 views currently, this was the first project of mine I really started taking this seriously so the production of the film and music compared to my other music is spectacular.”

This project is a rollercoaster of emotions that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud through some sort of epic Disney movie!

Throughout the EP Jubal takes you on a psychedelic, almost Alice In Wonderland style sonic journey. It feels enchanting and haunting at the same time, with Jubal’s soft, clean vocals being distorted by subtle modulation effects to create a real atmosphere around each track.

Jubal has a created more than a work of music with this EP, he’s created this wonder-filled sonic soundscape that truly transports you to a different world.

If this project is anything to go by, Jubal is a star in the making. The Seed is a whirlwind of enchanting soundscapes that provides absolute blissful escapism!